Goal 4: Provide High Quality Support Services
To provide high quality support services delivered on time and within budget to promote high performance in the Clayton County Public Schools

In a district that has committed to a culture of High Performance, the concept of wrap-around support can best be described as the district wrapping its collective “arms” around each student to provide the academic, emotional, and social support that will lift students to success in school and in life. This support is manifested through multiple divisions/departments within the district and through partnering entities in the community. An example of this support is provided by the Division of Student Support Services and Federal Programs. Using the principles of coherence, this division maximizes their work through the use of Circles of Support, which provides a shared depth of understanding about the nature of our work. Without the involvement of the district’s robust support network, we would be unable to do the work necessary to prepare our students to be college and career ready.