Goal 1: Increase Academic Achievement
To increase academic achievement for all students in Clayton County Public Schools as evidenced by state, national and international assessment results

This is mission one. The Clayton County Public Schools’ Core Beliefs are all centered on teaching the children of Clayton County, to involving their families and communities in this process, and to produce graduates that are college and career ready. If we teach effectively, using innovative, engaging lessons that are grounded in building literacy and numeracy across the curriculum, increasing critical thinking on the part of our students, and integrating to a greater extent technology in the teaching and learning process, we can accomplish those ideals that are the basis for our Core Beliefs. But, if we are to truly achieve a culture of high performance, we must provide academic and wrap-around support for those students in need of this support to achieve grade-level and above grade-level content mastery so that they find academic success in the classroom and beyond.