Featured School Choice Program

Riverdale High School College Program

Riverdale High School has partnered with DeVry University to provide our eligible students with a unique opportunity not available at any other high school in Clayton County. In fact, we are one of only two schools in the state to offer such a program. This partnership with DeVry University affords our students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma and simultaneously earn an Associate in Business Administration degree!

How does this work?

Students apply in their sophomore year to DeVry University. If they meet all of the requirements, the students begin their coursework in their junior year and continue to work during their senior year. These students take both high school and college courses here at Riverdale under the tutelage of certified teachers and DeVry professors. This year we will graduate our first cohort, 25 students, in May 2019 with a high school diploma and associates degree. They will have completed high school and two years of college, all at no charge to them or their parents!

Only students that reside in Riverdale High School's attendance zone are eligible to participate in this program.

For more information, please visit the Advantage Academy website