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Substitute Teacher Salaries

After you are placed on the substitute list you can refer to the payroll schedule to indicate when the attendance cuts-off each month.

Substitute Teacher and Substitute Paraprofessional Salary Schedule

Daily Substitute if assignment is working for a Teacher (All rates quoted are per day worked)

College Graduate (Baccalaureate degree or higher)
$93.00/day worked

Certified Teacher
$93.00/day worked

Long-Term Substitute Teachers

Georgia Certified, in-field is preferred for these assignments.Certified in a related area would be the second option.If neither can be secured then a substitute with a degree in-field or a related area would be acceptable. Must hold AT LEAST a Bachelor's Degree.

An assignment is considered long-term if you work 10 or more consecutive days for the same teacher. The pay for a long-term teacher assignment is increased because of the additional responsibilities and work involved in the assignment.

Rank 1 -(Valid Georgia Teaching Certificate)                                                                                                                               $137.00 (days unlimited in-field)
Exception: If a Rank 1 sub works long term for a Pre-K teacher the pay is $120 per day worked

Rank 2 (expired GA teaching certificate)                                                                                                                               $120.00/day worked (up to 45 days)

Rank 3 (Out of State teaching certificate, valid or expired)                                                                                                 $120.00/day worked (up to 45 days)

Rank 4 (Bachelor Degree or higher without certification)                                                                                                   $120.00/day worked (up to 45 days)

Paraprofessional and Pre-K Assistant Substitutes Daily and Long Term

All ranks are eligible for Paraprofessional and Pre-K Assistant Assignments.

If the assignment is working for a Paraprofessional ---All Ranks                                                                                         $83.00/day worked
If the assignment is working for a Pre K Teacher Assistant Substitute--All Ranks                                                             $73.00/day worked
The pay remains the same in these 2 positions no matter how long the assignment lasts because there are not any extra duties or extra responsibilities involved in working these positions.

Half-day assignments:

If you work a half-day assignment, the pay will be half the amount that you would normally receive for a full-day assignment.  It is the discretion of the school whether you are paid for half-day or full-day, depending on the hours worked for the assignment.
Substitutes ranked 5, 5a, 5b, 5c, 6 & 7 CANNOT work assignments for teachers nor receive teacher pay. They can ONLY sub in parapro assignments. Subs with these ranks do not have a Bachelor's degree. We are not hiring additional subs in this category beginning the 2010-2011 school year.     
Becoming a Substitute Teacher
The Substitute Teacher Application Procedure

An Equal Opportunity Employer

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