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Connection Time Sessions
Connection Time Sessions (#stayconnected&resilient)

As part of the School Connectedness Program implemented by the Department of Student Discipline, Prevention and Intervention, the Behavior Intervention Specialists (BIS) host weekly dedicated Connection Time sessions designed to foster school connectedness by creating an informal virtual platform to engage and connect with students, build relationships, foster resilience and improve behavior. The Connection Time sessions provide a virtual space for students to express themselves, feel that they belong, and are accepted and respected. Students who feel connected to their schools are more likely to experience positive health, academic, and school outcomes, hence the emphasis on promoting a culture of connectedness.

During the dedicated Connection Time sessions, the students will engage in a wide range of activities on wellness, mindfulness, social skills/social-emotional competencies, educational games, music, art, etc.

In addition to the benefits of staying connected and resilient, students will receive extra credit points for active participation. CCPS Scholars, please contact your teacher or assigned Behavior Intervention Specialists to receive Zoom Links to the Weekly Connection Time.