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2022 Advanced Learning for All-Prep Program (ALA)



Advanced Learning for All-Prep Program (ALA) allows students to bridge gaps in learning progressions and provides a preview of the learning expectations as they engage in compacted curriculum content to support a scaffold approach to accelerated learning.  Students also have a chance to develop fundamental literacy skills through repeated opportunities to read, write, speak, and listen to others as they develop, test, and refine their solutions to a problem using the appropriate technical language and writing found in the identified accelerated course offerings.  The goal of the Advanced Learning for All (ALA) Summer Preparation Program is to sufficiently expose and prepare students for advanced learning by supporting their development of critical thought, habits of mind dispositions, and key practices that will be explicitly taught and integrated into the content each day.
Curriculum compacting and integration within and across contents provides students with a scaffold approach to access accelerated learning and a preview of the content that will be learned during the upcoming academic year.
ALA focused subjects and/or grade levels are accelerated 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math and science, High School Physical Science, Algebra I, AP Science, AP Social Studies, and AP Computer Science for Rising 9th Graders


2022 Program Dates: Monday, July 18, 2022 through Friday, July 22, 2022

Learning Format:
  Virtual or Face-to-Face

Location:  Please note--For the Advanced Learning for All (ALA) Prep Program, the student’s primary address in Infinite Campus will play a role in determining the site location in which the student will be assigned.  

Course Offering

Student Audience

Accelerated 6th Math 

Rising 6th Students 

Accelerated 7th Math 

Rising 7th Students 

Accelerated 8th Math 

Rising 8th Students 

Algebra I 

Rising 8th Grade Students

HS Physical Science

Rising 8th Grade Students

Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles

Rising 9th Grade Students

Advanced Placement Environmental Science

Rising 9th Grade Students

Advanced Placement U.S. History

Rising 9th Grade Students

Advanced Placement American Government 

Rising 9th Grade Students

SAT Test Prep

Rising 8th - 11th Grade Students

For Parents/Students:

Students interested in participating in the SummerT.I.M.E. STEM Camps, Summer Enrichment Academy or Advanced Learning for All Programs must complete an online application via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. The application will be available March of 2022. To successfully complete a SummerT.I.M.E. application, parents/guardians should ensure they have accessibility to Infinite Campus.  Please note that parents will need a username and password to access their portal account. All pertinent information (physical address, telephone number, email address, etc) should be up-to-date. Parents/guardians may contact the parent liaison at their student's school or Clayton County Public Schools International Center for assistance. Parents/Guardians may refer to the Infinite Campus Overview ( found on the Clayton County Public Schools website.   

For Teachers:  

The SummerT.I.M.E. application for teachers will go live March 2022. The internal application will be located in TalentEd.

For additional questions related to CCPS SummerT.I.M.E. Programs, contact

                              Advanced Learning for All in Action!

Advanced Learning for All  provided  students with an opportunity to get a head start on course content in advanced level courses as well as elementary students were afforded the opportunity to improve their reading skills during the Reading Enrichment Camp.  Students who participated in the Accelerated Math program designed games and engaged in tasks that focused on mixed use communities to support the house build introducing a different style of living. Students created items that are often found in mixed use communities that support the lifestyle of community living allowing them to see Math within real-world connections.  Students also participated in Advanced Placement course prep in AP Environmental Science, AP World History, AP Human Geography, and AP Computer Science.