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Dr. Tamika Galbreath
Tamika Galbreath
I’ve only just a minute, Only sixty seconds in it. Forced upon me, can’t refuse it, Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it, But it’s up to me to use it. I must suffer if I lose it, Give an account if I abuse it, Just a tiny little minute, But eternity is in it. ~ Benjamin E. Mays
“Whatever you do, wherever you go, I hope you will perform so well in your chosen work And stand so high in depth of character That when positions open up or promotions are in order, Your credentials will be so impressive That those authorized to recommend persons for the new jobs or for promotions Will be compelled to examine your credentials Whether you, or someone else, gets the position is not important But it is important that you be so outstanding in your field And so noble in character That you cannot be ignored.” ~ Quote Excerpt taken from Walking Integrity: Benjamin Elijah Mays, Mentor to Martin Luther King, Jr.
As a native of Florida, Dr. Tamika J. Galbreath graduated from the prestigious University of Florida with two Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Sociology and two minors in Political Science and Education. After spending time in serving in various roles in the criminal justice system, a call to changing the trajectory of young adolescents lives propelled her to embrace the heart work of education. With Georgia on her mind, she relocated in 2003 to Clayton County where she began thinking seriously about impacting the lives of young people; thus, teaching Social Studies and Literacy. During her career, she has served in the capacity of developing, building and instructing students and educators. As a 20 yr. veteran to education, a few opportunities were given: Social Studies & Literacy educator, Grade Level Chair, Literacy Dept. Chair, Social Studies Dept. Chair, Literacy Coach, Curriculum Writer, District Level Trainer, and SACS Review Chair. After growing a deeper passion for all of the intricate dynamics that make up the institution of education, Dr. Galbreath extended her studies with advanced graduate coursework resulting in a MA in Educational Leadership (L-6) and Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction which have enhanced her years in the field of education by providing current, relevant, and best practices in the classroom. With educational philosophy grounded in the aforementioned quotes, it is Dr. Galbreath’s belief and mission to practice being a life-long learner that propels others to reach their full potential, calling, gifting, and greatness.
With an innate desire and calling for making connections, Dr. Galbreath has adamantly pursued a ministry in the institution of education where she currently serves as a Teacher Development Specialist for Clayton County Public schools. As a teacher development specialist, Dr. Galbreath areas of concentration are Classroom Management, Differentiation, Understanding the Nature & Needs of the Secondary Learner, CRISS, Teaching Reading and Writing, Lesson Planning & Collaborative Planning, Human Growth & Development, and Urban Education. Specializing in educational leadership and curriculum and instruction, she has equipped her mind for the matters of the heart. The matters consist of propelling others to passionately pursue purpose by equipping, empowering and employing them to us their gifting for greatness. The experiences and opportunities of the past such as international studies, to being one of the founding writers and instructors of the Urban Education Endorsement for the state of Georgia has provided the opportunity to expand her horizon to various cultures, learning experiences, and practices that exists within and beyond our borders.
As a result, she aspires to demonstrate a deep understanding of the achievement and opportunity challenges and connections facing students, families, teachers, and leaders working and living in urban intensive, urban characteristic, and urban communities, and apply that understanding in their instructional practices and within the village (families, school, community). She firmly believes, “Connections are the most powerful tool in and beyond the classroom. Our culture, diversity, self and social awareness is deeply rooted in our ability to maximize opportunities to cultivate connections.” Intentional and conscious connections are necessary for establishing a type of “intensive care unit” in the classroom, schools, and communities in which all stakeholders are SEEN (I.C.U. - I SEE YOU).
Year Started in CCPS: Fall 2003
Favorite Technological & Digital Resources: Nearpod, Peardeck, Mentimeter, Google Suite, Plickers, Kahoot, Flipgrid, and Today’s Meet
Contact Information: Dr. Tamika J. Galbreath [email protected] (770) 473-2795 ext. 132