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Ernest Stroud Hall

About Ernest Stroud Hall

The most outstanding feature of this hall is the ability to be flexible in accommodating all different sizes of shows and audiences. The 1800 seat Stroud Hall features a 600 square foot full flyloft auditorium stage with a large electrically operated screw lift orchestra pit. Areas of seating at the left rear and right rear of Stroud Hall rest on huge turntables. The turntables operate like those which turn revolving restaurant seating. By turning both turntables away from the Stroud Hall stage, its seating capacity becomes 1211. With the turntables revolved in this configuration, seating is provided for two additional performance areas. One, Tarpley Theatre, seats 339 persons facing a 1500 square foot stage with full theatrical lighting, curtains and sound equipment. The other, the Recital Hall, seats 261 persons facing a 1200 square foot carpeted recital space. All seating is theatre style, raked upward on gradually elevated risers.

The Performing Arts Center is a state of the art multi-purpose performance hall. Theatrical lighting effects are available through computerized light boards. The sound system provides outstanding fidelity throughout each of the performance spaces. A wide variety of microphones, wireless and corded, are available. The technical needs of most involved touring shows can be met by the Center. For shows which bring their own technical set-up, a company box is also available. 
Download PAC Lighting and Sound Specifications

A view from the Stroud Hall Stage of the main seating area, which seats 1200 people (with the turntables closed).

A view of the Stroud Hall Stage from the main seating area.


Lighting Specifications

Lee Colortran ENR096 dimmer racks with 3 phase, 4 wire, 120/208 volt, 60 Hz operation, rated for 1600 amps per phase (per rack) service. Four racks total.

400 circuits as follows:

1. Front-of-house -- 114 circuits in two ceiling coves
2. 1st electric batten -- 55 circuits
3. 2nd electric batten -- 55 circuits
4. 3rd electric batten -- 52 circuits
5. Tormentors -- 10 circuits
6. Floor pockets -- 34 circuits

Work lighting: Direct-switched, non-dimming circuits available on third electric only.

Two types of Martin Intelligent lighting available.

Control System

Lee Colortran Prestige 2000C console which is microprocessor-based, memory control system. System features:

  • Proportioned control of channel levels

  • Soft function keys

  • Manual override of fade times

  • 24 overlapping Submasters and 12 Submaster Bump Buttons

  • Effects package

  • Direct dimmer control

  • Dimmer profile

  • Channel check

  • 3.5 inch micro-floppy disk storage of all show data

  • Color monitor

  • Hand-held remote to activate control of all functions at a location (on stage) away from console

  • Magic Sheet / Designer's remote which gives control of the system in a digitizer pad.

Front-of-house Intercept Panel -- this panel will allow "road companies" to utilize up to 60 circuits at the front-of-house lighting catwalks.

Martin 3032 Controller for Intelligent Lighting control

Gateway 2000 Computer with Martin DMX Intelligent Lighting Controls software

Lighting Instruments

  • 30-degree Colortran Ellipsoidal Spotlights (58)

  • 6" Colortran fresnels (68)

  • 16" Scoop floodlights (24)

  • 40-degree Colortran ellipsoidal (8)

  • 19 and 26 degree ETC Source Fours (12)

  • Portable cyc footlights with 6 lamp compartments (12)

  • 4 unit sky cycs (5)

  • Lycian followspots (2)

  • Intelligent Lighting:
    Martin Robocolor Pro 400 (8)
    Martin Roboscan Pro 518 (2)

Sound Distribution System

  • Mackie 24 channel, 8 bus mixing console

  • Altec Lansing 1750A Equalizer

  • Altec Lansing 1712A Compressor/Limiter

  • Altec Lansing 1631A Electronic Crossover

  • Audio Digital Add-2 Digital Processor

  • Audio Digital Add-3 Digital Processor

  • TOA P24 Low Frequency Power Amp

  • Altec Lansing 1415A High Frequency Long Throw Amp

  • Altec Lansing 1415A High Frequency Mid Throw Amp

  • Altec Lansing 1407A High Frequency Near Throw Amp

  • The main speaker cluster is suspended in the ceiling above and enclosed on three sides. The cluster includes a variety of Altec Lansing Mantaray and Compression Driver loudspeakers.

  • Stage Floor Monitor System utilizes:
    Altec Lansing 1653B Equalizer
    Altec Lansing 1407A Power Amp
    4 14" wedge monitors

The stage is equipped with 10 floor and wall-mounted input jacks at various locations around the performance area and 4 permanent batten-mounted inputs.

Microphones/Receivers Available

  • Shure UHF dual receiver (1)

  • Shure UHF Lavalier wireless (2)

  • Shure UHF Handheld wireless (2)

  • Shure SM58 Dynamic corded (10)

  • Audio Technica 853a conderser (6)

  • Crown PCC 160 floor mic (5)

  • Shure L Series Lavalier wireless (6)

  • Telex UT50 Lavalier wireless (4)

  • TOA RD-13 Dynamic (5)

  • Shure 835 Dynamic (5)

Orchestra Pit

Four electrically-driven screw lifts raise the orchestra pit to three different heights.

  • Stage floor level

  • House seating area level

  • Pit floor level


  • Full complement of four step Choral risers with removable top step.

  • 6 ", 12 ", 18 " and 24 " 4 x 8 Platform risers.

  • Full stage, 16 ' tall Wenger sound shell with three ceiling sections

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