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Student Transfers

There are several types of Student Transfers available for consideration. Please take the time to review each option to determine which request(s) meet your needs. Criteria for each transfer request are different and may have different closing dates. For more information, please visit the Clayton County Public Schools Student Services website.

 Hardship Transfer Request

According to the Clayton County Public Schools Board Policy JBCD, “The Board of Education will not furnish transportation for any student granted a transfer to attend school outside his/her attendance area.” Click here for more information.

 Employee Transfer Request

Children of full time Clayton County Public Schools employees will be allowed to attend Clayton County Schools regardless of their residence location under certain conditions. Employees do not receive preferential treatment in the lottery process for student assignment, or in programs where students must apply to be accepted. Please refer to Board Policy JBCA.

 HB251 Transfer Request

According to Georgia HB251, the parent of a student enrolled in a public elementary or secondary school in this state may elect to enroll such student in a public school that is located within the school system in which the student resides other than the one to which the student has been assigned by the local board of education if such school has classroom space available after its assigned students have been enrolled. Click here for more information.

 SB10 Transfer Request

The Georgia Special Needs Scholarship (GSNS) Program is a school choice program available for special needs students attending Georgia public schools who are served under an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Please visit the CCPS Student Services website or the Georgia Department of Education website for more information.