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Graduation Begins in Kindergarten, Registration Information

an adventure of carefully planned experiences designed for success.
These experiences lay the foundation for a life-time of learning and growing.

being surrounded by a "print rich" environment where the child is exposed
to the many uses of words in our world.
The child learns to develop language as a process of communication.

strengthening both the large and small muscles of the human body.
Large muscle coordination is developed through the use of
movement exercises and physical activities.
Fine muscle control is strengthened through the use of
manipulative materials such as scissors, paint brushes, puzzles, etc.

active involvement with hands-on materials to teach basic skills and
prepare children to use more abstract strategies.
This well-rounded program helps children understand
how to learn through different styles of learning.

learning to get along with other children,
learning to take turns and respect the rights of others.
These experiences develop social and emotional attitudes
needed for a positive self-image.

FAQs About Kindergarten

At what age can my child attend kindergarten?

Georgia provides kindergarten programs for children who are five years old on or before September 1. All five-year-old children are eligible. Clayton County offers a full-day (6 1/2 hour) program, concurrent with the regular school day. Kindergarten children ride the regular school bus.

What do I need to enroll my child in kindergarten?

Click Here for Video Tutorials about Kindergarten Registration

Parents should be prepared to provide the following records when enrolling their child in kindergarten:

Valid Identification
Parents and/or legal guardians must provide a valid proof of identification with a current picture.


State-issued birth certificate or legal proof of birth
The parents names on the birth certificate MUST match the parent identification.
Hospital certificates are not acceptable.
          Official copies of birth certificates may be obtained from the
          Georgia Department of Human Resources Vital Records


Student's Social Security Card or Waiver


Georgia Department of Human Resources Certificates of Ear, Eye and Dental Screening*
A current and complete ear, eye, and dental examination on the Georgia Department of Human Resources form (form 3300) is required by state law.
This exam must be within one year of the school entry date.
Click here to view form 3300.
Clayton County Board of Department
1117 Battle Creek Road
Jonesboro, GA 30236
678-610- 7199


Georgia Department of Human Resources Certificate of Immunization*
A current and completed Georgia Department of Human Resources form (form 3231) is required by state law showing immunizations for polio, whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, 3 doses of hepatitis B, 2 doses of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and 2 doses of varicella.
This form can be completed through the Clayton County Health Department or a Georgia physician.
Click here to view a sample of the immunization form 3231
Clayton County Board of Department
1117 Battle Creek Road
Jonesboro, GA 30236
678-610- 7199

*These Georgia certificates may be obtained from the Clayton County Health Department or private physician.

What school supplies will my child need?
Check with your child's school/teacher for a school supply list.  Please do not send gum, toys, etc. to school with your child.

What should my child wear to school?
Send your child to school in comfortable clothing in accordance with the school's dress code. Kindergarten participates in many "messy" type activities and the child should feel free to take part. For safety reasons please avoid long dresses, platform shoes, valuable jewelry and hooded jackets with drawstrings. All items of clothing that are to be removed such as coats and sweaters should be marked with your child's name.

Click here for specific school uniform colors

How will my child's progress be reported to me?
Your child will receive a report card every nine weeks as in all elementary grades. You will be notified for a fall and spring conference with your child's teacher to discuss his/her progress. However, if at any time you have any questions, please arrange for an appointment with the teacher. Information gained from testing is shared with parents at conference time. Clayton County Schools use the Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (GKIDS) developed by the Georgia Department of Education to evaluate continuous progress throughout the school year. You are encouraged to work with your child's teacher on ways you can help your child at home on specific learning tasks.

If you have additional questions, please call 770-473-2700.

Kindergarten Readiness
Let's Go to Kindergarten
Let's Go to Kindergarten