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What is the STARLAB System?

The STARLAB system is a portable teaching environment that can be brought right into the classroom. It consists of an inflatable dome, a projector, projection cylinders, and optional accessories. Easy to store and transport, the system packs down into traveling cases and a duffel bag. In fact, the STARLAB system is so compact that it can be handled by one person and transported in the back of most small cars. Unpacked, STARLAB can be set up in under ten minutes.

Clayton County's STARLAB is the giant dome.; The STARLAB dome is made from a highly opaque, flame-retardant, reflective fabric. Its unique design and portability make it an ideal environment for interactive, hands-on, minds-on activities.

STARLAB, an incredibly precise and exciting planetarium, can be used for virtually any subject. It is the ideal multidisciplinary, multicultural learning tool. The innovative design of its highly durable and portable dome, creates an ideal environment for interactive, hands-on, minds-on activities.

Technically advanced, yet simple to operate, the STARLAB Projector features a high-intensity halogen cycle lamp designed exclusively for the STARLAB system. It creates brilliant, precise images.

Astronomy and More is a collection of tried and true curriculum ideas from top STARLAB user's who have created exciting and interactive activities for kindergarten through grade 12, as well as specific curricula for each STARLAB projection cylinder. These contributors are educators who not only love and believe in STARLAB as an essential educational tool, but have years of proven experience using the STARLAB.