BIS in Schools


Every School in CCPS has been assigned a Behavior Intervention Specialist (BIS) to support students and staff. The Behavioral Intervention Specialist as a member of the "Circle of Support" provides primary intervention to students who are identified as exhibiting behavioral difficulties which impede their social development and academic success.

To help turn-around student behavior and performance, BISs:

  • Help to develop and build stronger relationships with students, teachers, and parents
  • Help to conduct Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA), develop personalized behavior plans that target specific behaviors and provide interventions, and coach teachers and instructional assistants on the implementation of the behavior plans.
  • Demonstrate best practices, strategies and techniques to enhance instruction.
  • Assist teachers to develop class-wide systems of reinforcement to promote a healthy class environment and  effective planning, organization and implementation of strategies for optimum behavior management of identified students, as well as other students in the classroom.
  • Conduct focus group meetings with students to support socio-emotional growth for students who need additional support. 
  • Provide training for staff, students and/or parents on behavior management, the District’s Student Code of Conduct and the Positive Behavior Instructional Support model.
  • Work with school discipline teams to review, analyze, and problem solve discipline data in order to provide suggestions for Alternatives to Suspension as well as positive interventions and supports.


The overarching goal is to increase instructional time and overall academic achievement.