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Eligibility Requirements
            Eligible Students​
  • Enrolled in Clayton County Public Schools

  • Anticipated absences for 10 consecutive days or more

  • Chronically ill students may qualify for intermittent services if the physician/psychiatrist certifies that the student will have at least 10 intermittent absences. Additional medical documentation will be needed to qualify for these services

  • Illness is not contagious

  • Students is well enough to benefit from instruction

     Non-Eligible Students

  • Attending school for half day

  • Communicable diseases

  • Instruction provided by other sources

      Referral Process

  • A Hospital/Homebound referral form must be submitted

  • If services are approved, certified teacher(s) will be assigned to the student

  • The assigned teacher will make arrangements with the family to begin instruction at a mutually agreed upon date, time and location

  • If a student does not return to school as originally projected, a medical extension is required to continue services

      Parent / Guardian Responsibilities

  • To obtain the required referral forms requesting homebound service

  • To have the physician who is currently treating the child complete and sign the Medical Certification Referral Form

  • Return the referral forms to the school or to the Hospital/Homebound Department

  • To notify the Hospital/Homebound teacher(s) of any cancellation or necessary changes in scheduled time for instruction


  • The student is counted present each day if served a minimum of three hours per week

  • Instruction is provided in the hospital, home or through telecommunication

  • A responsible adult must be in the home during the entire time of instruction

  • An IEP will be developed / amended for students with disabilities

  • The amount of instruction is based on several factors, such as severity of illness


  • Grades are determined by classroom and homebound teacher(s)