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Student Transfers

Clayton County Public Schools

Student Transfer/ Out of District Process

Public School Choice Framework

April 22, 2022 – June 10, 2022
(These are the only application dates for the22-23 school year)

Applications for HB251, SB10, Hardship, and Employee Transfer will be accepted April 22, 2022 - June 10, 2022.
To apply for a Hardship, HB251, or SB10 transfer you must complete the application link located on the District’s website located under School Choice and Student Transfer.  If you do not have an account, you will need to register as a new user.

Employee Student Transfer request must be completed in RapidIdentity
Employee Out of District (ODD) Application 

School Board Policy JBCA-R (1)
Clayton County Public Schools provides limited opportunities for Clayton County students to attend District schools outside the attendance zone in which they live. These opportunities result from a student’s attendance at a magnet school, charter school, employee assignment, Georgia Special Needs Scholarship, School Choice, or extreme hardship. Limited transportation may be provided for the above student exceptions, but it is not to be construed as a guarantee.


Schools that adhere to specific enrollment criteria, a lottery process for student assignment, or programs where students must apply to be accepted are not included in this process.  Examples include, but are not limited to, Elite Scholars, Stillwell, Pre-K, and Magnet Programs.

When the number of transfer requests exceeds the available seats at a school site, that school is closed for any additional request. 

Employee Student Assignment

Children of Clayton County Public Schools employees will be allowed to attend Clayton County Schools regardless of their county of residence under certain conditions.

1. A student shall be allowed to attend and be enrolled in the school in which a parent or guardian of such student is a full-time teacher, professional, or other employees. 
3. Students of employees may apply for a transfer to any school in the District. However, this transfer option is limited by capacity, program availability, behavior, and attendance/tardies.
4. Students who receive special education services may be reassigned to a school based on the student’s needs as determined by the IEP committee. Transportation will be provided if it is a part of the student’s IEP.
5. The employee is limited to one transfer selection at each elementary, middle, and high school level per academic school year, unless there is a change in their employment location. If an employee does have a change in job assignment, the employee may request a change in schools for his/her student at the time of employment or at the time when the job assignment changes.
6. Given that the student’s performance eligibility status under GHSA may be impacted if the student is in high school, it is the parents' responsibility to determine, in consultation with school staff and GHSA, whether a student will be eligible for performance or school athletics.
7. If an employee retires, is terminated, is subject to a Reduction in Force, or resigns from the District, the student may complete the current school year at the current school. Subsequent to that school year, if the parent wishes for that child to continue enrollment, they must immediately apply for enrollment as a tuition-based, non-resident student as outlined in JBCA-R (2). Failure to do so will result in the district taking action under policy JBCD (Transfers and Withdrawals). 
8. An eligible employee's student may return at any time to the school in the attendance zone in which he/she is a resident. Please note, eligibility in GHSA may be impacted.
9. Any student who falls under this section must maintain acceptable behavior, attendance, passing grades, and a cooperative/productive relationship between home and school in order for transfers to remain valid. Transfers may be denied or revoked if these conditions are not met.

Employees do not receive preferential treatment in the lottery process for student assignments or in programs where students must apply to be accepted. Examples include, but are not limited to magnet schools/programs.

After an employee has received Out of District Transfer Approval from, parents/guardians/caretakers must complete the following steps:

1. If enrolled in school, the student must be withdrawn from their current school of attendance.
2. Parent will complete the OLR application utilizing the following link,
3. The parent/guardian/caretaker will select the New Student Registration option and upload the following documents: 

  1. Withdrawal Documents (Including Transcript/Report Cards (all grades) and Discipline records for grades 7-12)
    B. Parent Identification 
    C. Two Proofs of Residency
    D. Out of District Approval Letter

E. Evidence of Birth

F. Immunization form #3231

H. Special Education documentation if applicable

4. The OLR New Student Registration will be processed within 24-48 hours if all documentation is submitted. 

A. The registrar will notify the receiving school of the approved transfer

B. The parent/guardian/caretaker will receive an email notification advising that the application has been processed and approved for enrollment. The notifications will be sent to the email address provided on the OLR application advising that the application has been received and approved. 

5. After the initial email notification of receipt and approval of the application to transfer, the assigned school of attendance will contact the parent/guardian/ caretaker to inform them of the student's schedule and the date to report to school.

Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Act Student Assignment

If a student meets the eligibility criteria for the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program, then a parent/guardian has the right to request a transfer from a student’s current public school.

A student will qualify for a Georgia Special Needs Scholarship if:

1. The parent currently resides within Georgia and has been a Georgia resident for at least one year; provided, however, that the one-year requirement shall not apply if the student’s parent is an active duty military service member stationed in Georgia within the previous year; 
2. The student has one or more of the following disabilities:

A. Autism
B. Deaf/blind
C. Deaf/hard of hearing
D. Emotional and behavioral disorder
E. Intellectual disability
F. Orthopedic impairment
G. Other health impairment
H. Specific learning disability
I. Speech-language impairment
J. Traumatic injury
K. Visual impairment

The School system shall provide specific written notice of the options available to the parent at the initial Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting in which a disability of the parent’s child is identified. 

School Choice School Assignment

Parents/guardians of a student residing in a Clayton County school may apply for school choice transfer in accordance with Georgia’s Quality Basic Education Act (also known as HB 251). In accordance with State Board of Education procedures, these transfers will be available during an announced application period annually. The application procedures, forms, and dates will be posted on the Clayton County Public School’s Website during the second semester of each school year. Parents/guardians will be notified regarding the approval of school choice transfer requests by July 15 each year. (O.C.G.A. § 20-2-2131). Students must be enrolled in Clayton County Public Schools in order to complete a student transfer application.

School choice transfers do not apply to charter schools, magnet schools, Pre-K programs, or schools at or above capacity. For all School Choice transfers, the following provisions apply:

1. Students who receive a school choice transfer and enroll in the year in which permission is granted may attend the school through the highest grade of the particular school prior to re-applying (example, if your student completes 5th grade at an approved school, you must apply for a middle school transfer);
2. Transportation must be provided by the parent/guardian; however, the parent/guardian may take advantage of the District shuttle opportunities, if available;
3. If the student receives special education services, the school selected must have the special education services required by the current Individual Education Program (IEP); and
4. If the student transfers at the high school level, he/she must meet Georgia High School Association requirements to participate in competitive interscholastic activities. 

Hardship Student Assignment

Parents/guardians of students requesting a hardship transfer from a Clayton County Public School to which they are zoned must submit an application through the Clayton County Public School’s apply Clayton link. 

Hardships depend on individual situations. Issues such as grievances arising from parent-school conflicts, peer group associations, discipline, attendance problems, and general dissatisfaction with a particular school are not considered hardships. If false information is provided, or the circumstances under which a transfer was granted, student transfers may be revoked.

For assistance, email [email protected]