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High School Diploma Order Reprint

Ordering a Reprint of

Your High School Diploma

To have your High School diploma backdated and reprinted, you will need to provide a copy of your official High School transcript which contains your graduation date. 

If you graduated from a Clayton County Public School, please request your high school transcript by clicking on the following link.  If you graduated from a school outside of Clayton County, please contact the county Board of Education for that county. 

Once you receive your transcript, please complete this form and return to our office along with your transcript and payment.  Reprinting of High School diplomas will take 8-10 weeks.

The cost of having your diploma reprinted is $60.00, plus tax.  Total cost is $64.20.  Mail a money order with your transcript and the form below to the following address:

Herff Jones

4634 Lawrenceville Highway

Suite B

Lilburn, GA  30047                                                 (770) 921-9022

Name to appear on Diploma: ______________________________________________

 (First, Middle, Last)

Year of Graduation ______________________________________________________

High School ___________________________________________________________

College Prep Diploma?  Yes _____  No _____ If no, what type? __________________

Address to mail Diploma:  Name ___________________________________________

Home Address _________________________________________________________

City ________________________________  State __________  Zip ______________

Home Phone: (            ) ____________________________________________________

Please note:  If the diploma is needed for employment purposes, often the transcript will suffice since this document will contain your graduation date.