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CCPS Student Planner Update
CCPS Student Planner Update
Posted on 12/17/2019

S.O.A.R. into 2019-2020
Strength. Ownership. Achievement. Respect.

Clayton County Public Schools is extremely excited about its newly redesigned 2019-2020 Student
Planner. The CCPS Student Planner is a practical organizational tool that students could use daily to
support – both academically and personally – their journey through the 2019-2020 school year.

Understanding challenges that students often face, the CCPS Student Planner offers a space for students
to have access to resources that would support their navigation through academic content and assist
them in organizing and balancing their daily activities. The student planner highlights key dispositions
needed by successful students, approaches to problem solving, content-specific practices that are
commonly used, and opportunities for social-emotional reflection through four key components –
Growth Mindset Planning, The Problem Solving Process, My Calendar, and My Toolkit.

To encourage active use of the CCPS Student Planner, the Advanced Learning Department created a video that
highlights current CCPS students’ testimonials about how daily use of the student planner has impacted
their learning and focus. It is our vision for students to actively use the student planner to guide their
2019-2020 school year. We hope that students see the CCPS Student Planner as an invaluable tool.

Click here to view the High Performance Student Planner video

 Planner Update Notice (Parents)

Planner Update Notice ( Students) 

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