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Community Update on School Zone Cameras
Clayton County Public Schools Provides Community Update on School Zone Cameras
Posted on 10/05/2022
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Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) is aware of an influx of speeding citations being issued due to the implementation of the School Zone Cameras. Under the established Georgia Law 40-14-18, relative to the use of school cameras, please be advised that these cameras are in operation during each school day beginning one hour before the start of school, continuing throughout the day, and concluding an hour after school has been dismissed.

“The ultimate goal is the safety of our students, our employees, and those traveling through our school zones,” said Dr. Morcease J. Beasley, Superintendent/CEO of Schools. “The utilization of the automated speed detection devices allows for the community to maintain a safer environment around our schools while also not hindering law enforcement resources from responding to greater offenses or other community safety needs. The school district approved the use of speed cameras to address the outcry about speeding in the school zones. We want to reduce the potential of our children or crossing guards being harmed by those speeding.”

According to the aforementioned law, any motorist traveling at a speed in excess of 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit is subject to receiving a citation. This can occur even if the school zone lights are not flashing. It should also be noted that the school system does not benefit financially from the collection of citation fees or fines issued through the use of the 21 cameras within the school zones across the district.

“While these cameras are placed in our school zones, they are not owned nor operated by Clayton County Public Schools. The county and city police departments that operate the speeding cameras benefit from the revenues generated from those speeding and ticketed, explained Superintendent Beasley. “We ask all stakeholders traveling around our schools during the school days to be mindful of their speed to ensure the safety of pedestrians as well as to reduce the likelihood of receiving a speeding citation,” he added.

Stakeholders who have received a citation or have questions about the implementation of the school zone cameras are encouraged to contact their local municipal offices and/or municipality responsible for issuing the citation as needed.