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District PBIS Leadership
District Leadership

The District PBIS Leadership Team support the district and schools' implementation of a Comprehensive Integrated Tiered Model of Prevention.

Durable, and adaptable school-wide PBIS in a school requires systemic support that extends beyond an individual school. It is important to organize multiple schools (e.g., cluster, complex, district, county, state) so that a common vision, language, and experience are established. This approach allows districts and states to improve the efficiency of resource use, implementation efforts, and organizational management. An expanded infrastructure also enhances the district and state level support (e.g., policy, resources, competence) and provides a supportive context for implementation at the local level.

Resources are available here to support District Leadership Team meetings, evaluation, planning, and data analysis:

What is a District Leadership Team

Understanding District Level PBIS

DIstrictwide Leadership: Sustainability & Scalable SWPBIS

Implementation Blueprint

DLT Data Tracking_Tool v4.doc

PBIS National Blueprint item description 2010.doc

SWPBS Implementation Self-assess 2010.doc