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Title IX

It is the policy of this school district to prohibit any act of harassment of students or employees by other students based upon race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability or based upon any other prohibited category on district property and at district events including at school, in the workplace or at any school event or activity.  Any such act by a student or employee shall result in prompt and appropriate discipline, including the possible termination of employment or suspension or expulsion of the student. 
Any student or employee has the right to file a formal complaint alleging sexual harassment or retaliation to the Board’s Title IX Coordinators. The Board has adopted a grievance process to address all formal complaints filed as follows:

1. Treats complainants and respondents equitably.

2. Requires an objective evaluation of all relevant evidence.

3. Assures that all Title IX Coordinators, investigators, decision-makers, or any person designated to facilitate an informal resolution process do not have a conflict of interest or bias.

4. Presumes that the respondent is not responsible for the alleged conduct.

5. Provides for reasonably prompt time frames for the conclusion of the grievance process.

6. Describes the range of possible disciplinary sanctions and remedies following a determination of responsibility.

7. Adopts the preponderance of the evidence standard for complaints against both students and employees.

8. Provides for and describes the appeal process.

9. Describes the range of supportive measures available to both complainants and respondents.

10. Does not require, allow, rely upon, or otherwise questions or evidence that constitute or seek the disclosure of information protected under a legally recognized privilege unless it has been waived.

Title IX Coordinator
Legal Compliance Officer
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