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Equity in Education


The Clayton County School district is focused on its continuing commitment to high quality by building a better tomorrow, today. In particular, we are advancing educational excellence through equitable educational opportunities and taking active steps to ensure that our practices reflect our belief in educational equity. That shared logic is echoed in our district’s vision and mission statements, and strategic goals. The identified goal and purpose of this work is to make certain our actions continue to advance an equitable learning environment and school culture. In direct support of this work, the district has developed a comprehensive equity review plan that is designed to encompass the collaborative ideas of various stakeholders within the district’s internal sphere and external community partners. We believe that excellence for all can only be achieved through equity. To this end, the district has taken specific steps to operationalize the above statements as a reality. These steps include developing a robust equity Board policy, initiating an equity review plan and empaneling an Equity Committee to focus on this as a multi-level project known as Excellence and Equity in Education Project, or EEE3.

The ultimate purpose of the EEE3 project is to identify our organizational strengths and/or challenges in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and data-driven practices. Specifically, the project is designed to ensure that we utilize data-driven practices in the following major categories: 1) Programmatic equity, 2) Teacher Quality equity and 3) Achievement Opportunity equity. The major deliverables of EEE3 are: 1) the development of an Equity Dashboard designed to provide information that can be utilized in advancing equity in our educational practices, and 2) a plan to offer a micro-credentialing course for district’s leaders on the topic of equity to provide training on the concept of equity and ensure a uniform application of the same.