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Guidelines for Submission of News

Guidelines for Release of Information
Achievement, success, overcoming challenges, and winning victories: Clayton County Public Schools wants to share the good news about student achievement, the dedication of the high quality staff and the great collaboration between the district and the community. Please review the guidelines regarding release of information. The Department of Communications makes every effort to ensure that releases are accurate which requires time to confirm information. Your cooperation is requested to confirm your information in advance of submission.

Style and Content
Submissions should include complete information - Who? What? When? Why? Where? How? The content of your story should assume the reader knows nothing about your event or achievement.

Deadline for Submissions
Submissions are requested at least two weeks prior to the actual date of the event. Completed forms should be submitted to the Department of Communications.

Student Media Release forms
Each student pictured should have a signed media release form on file. The forms should be kept at the school's office for ready reference.

School Recognitions and Events
Information about school events, awards, and recognitions should be submitted to the school's webmaster for placement on the school's web site.

District-Wide Media Releases
Events submitted for district-wide publication should focus on an event or achievement at the district level (or higher).

Submission Forms

Media Release Submission Form

Recognition Submission Form