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Dr. Keith Colbert

Dr. Keith A. Colbert has served in the Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) system since 1998, starting
his career as a fourth-grade teacher at Northcutt Elementary school.  After a two-year tenure at Northcutt
Elementary, he transferred to Morrow High School where he served as a math teacher, special education
teacher, and assistant head basketball coach.  To gain insightful leadership experience, Dr. Colbert
shadowed the administrative team gaining useful school leadership experience and obtained a Master’s
degree in Educational Leadership from Troy State University.

Dr. Colbert was selected as assistant principal of Mundy’s Mill High School (MMHS) in 2003 under the
leadership of Dr. Anthony W. Smith. During his tenure at MMHS, he was instrumental in preparing the first
class to graduate from the newly constructed school. 

Dr. Colbert was recognized as a future principal leader in the district and was selected as one of twelve
future leaders to participate in the principal preparation program, “A Forward-LEAP.” After completing this
program, Dr. Colbert was appointed to serve as principal of Lovejoy Middle School in 2006, where he led
over 1400 students.  At the time, Lovejoy Middle School was the largest middle school in the district and
considered underperforming.  Dr. Colbert and his team led the school to substantial improvements in student
achievement and consequently was selected as the 2008 Georgia PTSA Principal of the Year.

Driven to nurture a class of students from 6th grade to graduation, Dr. Colbert was appointed principal of
Lovejoy High School in July of 2009 where he served for seven years.  He is one of few principals in
traditional high schools fortunate to guide sixth graders to graduation with the Class of 2013.  During his
tenure at Lovejoy High School, the school was recognized as a Title I Rewards school in 2012 and 2013,
SAT greatest gains school 2012, and a USA News top high school in 2011. Dr. Colbert’s achievements led
to a finalist for Principal of the Year for Clayton County Public Schools 2011 and 2013.

In June of 2016, Dr. Colbert was appointed Assistant Superintendent of schools for Clayton County Public

In January of 2023, Dr. Colbert was appointed as the Chief of Student Support Services.

In July of 2023, Dr. Keith Colbert was appointed as the Chief of Schools in the Division of Teaching and
Learning & Strategic Improvement.