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Chief Technology Officer, Rod Smith

The Clayton County Public Schools Department of Technology consists of three strategic units: Instructional Technology, Technical Operations, and Information Systems. Each unit has a unique responsibility but work together to provide an interconnected support system to all stakeholders that will in turn make a positive impact on student academic achievement.

This interconnected support system includes: 

  • Technology integration to enhance teaching and learning - Director of Instructional Technology, Verna Sampson
  • Maintenance of district network infrastructure, computers, and technology systems - Director of Technical Operations, Andy Sykes
  • Student information systems   - Director of Information Systems, Howard Langford
  • Business Services Applications that support the day-to-day operations of the district - Director of Business Process, Yashica Doyle



It is the mission of the Clayton County Public Schools' Department of Technology to provide flexible and responsive direction for access to information systems, instructional technology, and technology services to enhance student achievement for all students. With a strong belief that technology enhances the pedagogical practices of instruction, the district is committed to providing adequate hardware and software, quality data, and apposite technology skill development.

The vision of Clayton County Public Schools' Department of Technology is to become a recognized model school district both in the state of Georgia and nationally for the access and utilization of innovative technology and cutting edge strategies to ensure that students are prepared to compete globally in an ever-changing society.