• 1058 Fifth Avenue, Jonesboro, GA 30236
  • Phone: 770-473-2700 ext.700290
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Federal Programs

Katrina Thompson
Executive Director of Federal Programs 
Phone: 770-473-2700 
Fax: 770-473-2711

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Office of Federal Programs is to procure, manage, and utilize federal funds to provide relevant, quality educational opportunities for all students to develop the skills necessary to reach their maximum potential as responsible, productive citizens and life-long learners. 

The Office of Federal Programs coordinates several compensatory education programs mandated by federal and state law. Clayton County Public Schools benefits from many educational programs funded by the federal government. This funding allows Clayton County Public Schools to offer additional professional development for staff, instruction, technology, parent involvement activities, and other critical services not provided through state and local education funds.

 Federal Programs Staff:

Executive Director of Federal Programs  Katrina Thompson
 Coordinator of Federal Programs Vacant
 Coordinating Supervisor Wendy Petty
 Title I Programs Specialist Brie Bowers 
Title I Programs Specialist
 Kidada Brown
 Title I Programs Specialist
Kima Brown
 Title I Programs Specialist
Vonda Brown
 Title I Programs Specialist  Donna Newbold
 Title I Programs Specialist  Tiffany Riley 
Administrative Support Specialist   Sonia Whitaker
Administrative Assistant  Alexia Burnett