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Early Learning Department (Pre-K)

Early Learning (Pre-K)

Viki Dennard

Coordinator of Early Learning


Monica Sharp

Administrative Assistant II


Fronita Holston

Birth to Five Transition Coach, Early Learning (Pre-K)


Demetria King

Compliance Specialist, Early Learning (Pre-K)


Chanel Dawson-Williams

Instructional Specialist, Early Learning (Pre-K)


Why should students participate in an Early Learning (Pre-K) experience?

Children experiencing an early learning experience before they turn five yields benefits for students such as students being 1. Less likely to repeat a grade; 2. More prepared academically for later grades; 3. More likely to graduate from high school; and 4. Higher earners in the workforce.

What do students learn in Early Learning (Pre-K)?

Students are provided a minimum of 180 full days of 6.5-hours of instructional services per day.

  • GELDS Standards and Indicators:  Pre-K teachers teach using the GELDS Standards.  See a full listing of all GELDS Standards and Indicators provided here to support kindergarten readiness.  
  •  Frog Street Curriculum and Frog Street Curriculum Overview:  Frog Street is the text used to support Pre-K instruction. Use these links to find out more about this program designed to meet the diverse needs of learners.

What is the enrollment process for Early Learning (Pre-K)?

Children must be four years of age on or before September 1 of the school year and must be a resident of Clayton County, providing proof of residency.

What can a parent or guardian do at home to support their child's learning in Early Learning (Pre-K)?

  • Georgia’s Pre-K At Home:  This site supports families by providing support in the following areas:  Daily Activities, Family Resources, Virtual Field Trips, Screen Face Time, Outside and Feelings.
  • School to Home Resources:  This monthly presentation is provided for families to support at-home learning that aligns to classroom themes and instruction.
  • Milestone Moments Booklet:  Look inside for milestones to watch for in your child and tips for how you can help your child learn and grow from birth to age 5. 
  • Pre-K Engagement for Parents (P.E.P.) Series:  Parents are invited to attend monthly parent engagement sessions with a series of topics to support scholars’ learning at home. Topics include:  “Ready, Set, Go…Literacy, Math and More”, “Ready, Set, Click…Technology”, “Social and Emotional in Early Learning”, “Falling in Love with Reading”, “Review of all Topics (Winter Break Activities)”, “A Healthy Me is Great to Be”, “Lottery Kick-Off”, “Super Power”, and “Kindergarten Transition”. 

What is available to enrich student learning in Early Learning (Pre-K)?

  • STEAM Fridays: Weekly STEAM Activities are conducted in the Pre-K classroom.
  • Winter Literacy Program: An annual Pre-K Literacy Program featuring our Pre-K scholars occurs entitled, " A Magical Snowy Winter Wonderland".  Each Pre-K teaching team and scholars participate in the performance presentation that features literacy skills that demonstrate their development by performing acts based on the book, "The Snowy Day'' by Ezra Jack Keats.
  • Ignite by HATCH: This software program accelerates student learning across seven domains of learning with a focus in math, literacy, and social-emotional development. 
  • Alpha Skills: Scholars are afforded the opportunity to take resource bags home for intervention and enrichment.

What other departments or programs support student learning in Early Learning (Pre-K)?

  • CCPS DES Preschool Diagnostic
  • Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL)
  • Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready students (GEEARS)

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