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Identification Procedures

Phase One :  Talent Search
a) Automatic Referrals - Review of available standardized test data, K-12, this is done at the beginning of the school year.
b) Structured Observations - Planned Experiences, K-1; Classroom Talent Survey, 2-12
c) Referrals by Individuals (parent, student, teacher, guardian, etc.) K- 12

Phase Two :  Prescreening
An In-School Review Team meets to consider available data on all names submitted for consideration to determine those students in need of
1) instructional modifications, and
2) further evaluation or additional services.

Phase Three :  Evaluation and/or Data Collection
Parents of students referred for evaluation or services are notified; consent to evaluate obtained, if needed. Evaluation instruments administered and/or data collected.

Phase Four :  Eligibility Determination
Student evaluation data presented to area Eligibility Teams. Student products scored, if applicable.  Data reviewed and eligibility determined per Georgia Department of Education Rule 160-4-2-.38.  Parents notified.

Phase Five :  Service Delivery Determination (eligible students only)
Evaluation data reviewed.
Consent to participate obtained.
Service delivery option(s) determined.