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100 Wonderful Words That Work

Interactive Workbook

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1The “100 Wonderful Words That Work” interactive workbook and educational initiative has been devised to support early learning and growth in vocabulary attainment amongst Clayton County School District students and community stakeholders. The targeted age range is birth through second grade. A platform has been developed to support families in their search for the most enriching educational experiences, by providing an interactive workbook, instructional websites, inspiring educational programming and much more! From Cradle to Career, “100 Wonderful Words That Work”, will provide the language students need on their journey to lifelong career success.


Why 100 Wonderful Words That Work? Imagine, from the moment a family is informed a new member of the generation is soon to be birthed, many plans are put into place to assure success for this child. The Clayton County Public School System has developed an initiative to support families within the Clayton County Community and abroad in developing successful outcomes in their child’s educational endeavors. 100 Wonderful Words that Work was chosen to embrace the themes “Learning numbers 0-100 in the early years of school” and “Celebrating the 100 Initial Days of school”, alongside the 17 CTAE Career Clusters.  Language from the Career Clusters is incorporated in order to provide young learners with useful terminology to expand their vocabulary and to establish career-awareness during formative years. 100 Wonderful Words That Work will commit to:
  • Showing belief in preparation of all students for the myriad of options available to them to work, to compete in our global society, and to live their best lives

  • Laying the groundwork for careers in an ever-changing society

  • Developing a culture of stakeholders who realize career readiness and training begin at birth

  • Knowing it is never too early or too late to discover the vast careers that already exist

  • Understanding that America, and the rest of the world, is rapidly changing socially, culturally, economically, environmentally, and technologically

  • Understanding that tools like this interactive workbook promote a unified effort (between school and home) to help our learners explore careers and expand vocabularies

  • Promoting suggested activities for home also help support the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards (GELDS) for Pre-K and the Georgia Standards of Excellence for grades kindergarten through second grade