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Parent Virtual Learning Toolkit
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With the announcement that the 2020-2021 academic year would open on Monday, August 10, using a virtual learning environment for all of Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) students, efforts by district leaders focused on providing families throughout Clayton County with a resource that would offer maximum support. Those efforts have resulted in the creation of a “Parent Virtual Learning Toolkit”. This site will serve as a one-stop resource to support at-home virtual student learning. Parents will be able to access the toolkit on the main page of the CCPS website, the Parent Portal, and each school’s website. 


“In this strange new normal created by the COVID-19 pandemic, our Reopening Schools Instructional Task Force has been very instrumental in creating a resource that will be of great service to the parents and guardians of our students as our district returns to the work of educating young minds,” said Dr. Morcease J. Beasley, CCPS Superintendent/CEO. “In every aspect of the opening of this school year, we are exploring new territory, testing and revising teaching practices, and confronting unprecedented challenges. This site is one of numerous strategies to support our families to succeed in dealing with this crisis,” he added. The “Parent Virtual Learning Toolkit” serves as a frontline resource to respond to parents/guardians’ most pressing needs to help their child or children succeed in the virtual learning environment of 2020-21. The “Parent Virtual Learning Toolkit” site connects to assets that include such topics as Infinite Campus Parent Portal, Breakfast and Lunch Meals, Transportation, Attendance/Grading Expectations, Support Services, Online Resources, Parent Tips, Daily Schedules, Let’s Get Physical, and  much more. 

While all resources offered in the toolkit will be important during the opening months of 2020-21, there are some supports that will be of great interest to parents/guardians. We preview them in greater detail:

Content Subject Areas: This section informs parents what students should be learning in each core and program subject area (e.g. Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies). Parents will receive links to online resources to use at home, receive guidance on how to support their children at home, view videos that demonstrate how students should be learning, and include recorded Parent Virtual Learning Webinars that outline best practices for managing the at-home virtual learning experience. Parents may also access this link for additional support for each grade level for each content subject area:

Department of Exceptional Students For students with disabilities, there is a direct link in the “Parent Virtual Learning Toolkit” to the Parent Guide for Virtual Instruction and Services for Students with Disabilities. This specialized Parent Guide answers important service implementation questions for students with disabilities and provides video links to provide further explanation and training. Parents will thoroughly enjoy the video which shares how our therapists provide successful virtual therapy! The DES Parent Guide is also available through direct access at the following link:

Extending Learning Beyond the Classroom
The purpose of this document is to communicate expectations for utilizing CCPS digital applications to support instruction. The document describes what students must complete whether in a face-to-face/traditional learning setting OR an online instructional environment. All elements should be adhered to in order to have a positive teaching/learning experience across all district schools. In order to have the greatest possibility of success, parents are strongly encouraged to complete the critical elements listed as well. 

Parents: Student CCPS Portal Access This document provides guidance for accessing the CCPS Portal. In an effort to have students best prepared for the start of the 2020-2021 school year, the district is requesting that all parents/guardians ensure their child(ren) is able to log into the CCPS Portal. It is imperative students are able to access the CCPS Portal in order to have access to their teachers and instruction. All currently enrolled students must be able to log into the CCPS Portal before August 10, 2020.

“The toolkit should be considered a living platform,” said Dr. Beasley. “We encourage our students and their families, our employees and other stakeholders to share ideas, concepts and suggestions that will allow this resource to provide the very best support for everyone as we navigate the 2020-2021 school year.”