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What is a Behavior Intervention Specialist?

A Behavior Intervention Specialist (BIS), is a skilled practitioner who supports students and teachers of students who are exhibiting behavior difficulties that cannot be handled through normal classroom procedures. The BIS works with individuals or groups in order to facilitate positive and healthy behavior. Using his or her primary expertise in education, psychology, counseling or other related field, the BIS uses assessments to gather information to develop an appropriate intervention plan. 

The  BIS sets goals for behavioral changes, monitors the scholar, assesses progress and modifies behavioral plans if necessary. The  BIS works with the school team to provide a comprehensive approach to behavior management that includes evaluation, data collection, interventions and regular monitoring
. In crisis situations, the BIS may also design a plan to address immediate dangers or threats. The BIS may also provide referral to another expert if required.The BIS also supports schools by reviewing/analyzing discipline data and recommending  positive behavior supports  and other prevention and  alternatives to suspension  programs to decrease office discipline referrals and suspensions.