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Why do I need a BIS?

While many teachers have awareness of a broad range of childhood disorders and are sometimes skilled at appropriately responding to children’s misbehaviors, additional support is frequently needed. Teachers are normally not formally trained in child psychology or how to deal with difficult behaviors, and therefore may not fully understand the function of behaviors and how they contribute to inappropriate behavior. This is where a BIS can be very beneficial.

Behavior Intervention Specialists are able to provide support to school disciplinary teams with the Response to Intervention (RtI) process for behavior by providing evidence- based strategies and interventions.

Behavior Intervention Specialists can provide support at SST and 504 meetings for students who are needing behavioral support and more intensive intervention.

Behavior Intervention Specialists can provide interventions and strategies for school PBIS teams, help analyze discipline data and lead the problem solving process.  

Behavior Intervention Specialists can provide professional development and training to school personnel in the area of behavior/classroom management and other behavior related topics.