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Which students most likely benefit?

¨ General ed. students who have not been successful with Tier 1 and/or 2 interventions

¨ Students displaying a chronic behavior that threatens the safety or effectiveness of the   
    learning environment?

¨ Students who have begun the Tier 3/SST process

¨ Student receiving excessive referrals

Students who have the capacity to gain insight into their behaviors and actions are good candidates, and will usually benefit from BIS services.

Mental heath, drug abuse, criminal behavior, and attendance issues may be better served or referred to other support professionals., but will be discussed with school teams.

The Behavioral Specialist will provide primary intervention to students who are identified as exhibiting behavioral difficulties which impede their social development and academic success.

The overarching goal is to increase instructional time and overall academic achievement.



The Following are NOT interventions because they do not TEACH students appropriate behaviors