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Attendance FAQ


Why am I receiving a letter about my child's truancy?

According to the State of Georgia Student Attendance Protocol when a student has reached five or more unexcused absences, each school system will notify the parent, guardian or other person who has control or charge of the student. the notice will outline the penalty and consequences  of such absences and that each subsequent absence will constitute a separate offense.

Do I need a note when my student is late or just absent?
Anytime your student is late to school, other than a late bus, a note is appreciated. When you sign in on the check in log, you will write the reason for the tardy. If it was because of a doctor/dentist appointment, turn in the note the doctor/dentist office gave you. Any other reason, turn in a handwritten note. All tardy and/or absent notes must be received within 3 days of returning to school.
What does my note need to include?
Every note, whether tardy or absent, must include the following: 
   -Students Name
   -Parents Name
   -The date of absence(s)
   -The Reason for absence(s)
   -Parent Signature

Does attendance matter for kindergarten?
Studies show that children who miss too many days in kindergarten and first grade have trouble mastering reading.

What about earlier checkout?
According to the State of Georgia Student attendance Protocol being removed from classes and leaving the school prior to the official end of the school day with a parent or legal guardian.
1. To be considered " in attendance" for the school day, a student must be present for at least one half of the school day, excluding the lunch period. Students leaving school before meeting that requirement will be considered absent for the day.
2. A parent or legal guardian may be required to bring appropriate documentation showing the necessity of an early checkout at the time the student is released from school.

What if my child has a chronic illness that prevents him/her from being at school regularly?
Clayton County Public Schools offers several alternative educational options for students with special circumstances that have been verified by a physician. Please contact your student's school if you are in this situation.

My student is sick. Shouldn't my child stay home?
The health and safety of our students is of highest priority. If your child has a fever, is vomiting or has other severe symptoms, your child is too sick to come to school. Parents are allowed to excuse up to 10 days with a handwritten note of illness from a medical professional.

What about a family emergency? If the car breaks down, or there's a relative in the hospital, is that an excused absence?
If you family is experiencing a family emergency, please contact your scholars, school counselor or social worker to identify options.


Attendance FAQ