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Fine Arts

Dr. Prince T. Bowie

Director of Fine Arts

[email protected]

Savina Taylor

Administrative Assistant II

[email protected]

Adrienne Abdus-Salaam

Instructional Specialist • Dance/Theatre K-12

[email protected]

Dr. Isaiah Bell

Instructional Specialist • Music K-12

[email protected]

Leslie Jackson

Instructional Specialist • Art K-12

[email protected]

Tamara Rainwater

PAC Technical Specialist • Performing Arts Center

[email protected]

How does Fine Arts support each child's learning?

  • Fine Arts supports each students’ learning by promoting higher order thinking
  • Fine Arts supports each student by differentiating instruction and tailoring goals to meet their learning styles.
  • Fine Arts supports student learning by providing creative expression outside of core courses.

What do students learn in Fine Arts?

The Georgia Standards of Excellence are the state-approved standards for Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre/Film, and Visual Art. 

What can a parent or guardian do at home to support their child's Fine Arts experiences?

  • Parents can register their students for CCPS Fine Arts Camp
  • Parents can encourage trips to Arts in Atlanta(ie The High Museum, The Woodruf Arts Center, Moma, Spelman Theater, Museum & Music, or any other arts events)

What is available to enrich student Fine Arts experiences?

  • Fine Arts Student Organizations
  • Fine Arts Diploma Seal Click here to view the Fine Arts Diploma Seal information.

What other departments or programs support student learning in fine arts?

Clayton County Public Schools Performing Arts Center

  • Department of Mathematics 
  •  Department of STEM and Innovation
  • Department of Science
  •  Department of Library and Media Services
  •  Department of Advanced Learning
  •  Department of English/Language Arts
  •  Department of Social Studies
  •  Department of School Choice
  •  Department of Magnet Programs