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Short List of Tips
  1. Pair the student with a buddy.  The buddy does not have to speak the language of the ESOL student or be a straight A student.  Kindness and friendliness are most important.  

  2. Speak a bit more slowly.  There is no need to speak louder.

  3. Try co-operative grouping.

  4. Use peer tutoring.

  5. Read aloud and discuss what was read.

  6. Teacher may read lesson to class.

  7. Use learning games which reinforce necessary skills.

  8. Make group projects.

  9. Write important vocabulary/key words on board or in notes.

  10. Encourage the student to talk.  Accept one word responses at first.  The student will gradually speak more and more.

  11. Use graphic organizers and visual aids whenever possible.

  12. Avoid idioms.

  13. Remember that a warm smile and friendly attitude on the part of teachers/administrators is of major importance.

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