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Social studies has as its primary purpose the transmission of culture and ideals to each succeeding generation. In order to educate students to function responsibly in our democratic society, the social studies must teach the rights and responsibilities found in a democracy through critical thinking and participatory learning.

The aims of the social studies curriculum include the education of students in the uniqueness of the democratic heritage of the United States, while teaching the diversity, importance, and contributions of other cultures. Knowledge of the interdependence of countries throughout the world will enable citizens to face the challenges and responsibilities that come from living in a global community.

The Social Studies Curriculum should enable students to develop:

1. Civic responsibility and active civic participation

2. Perspectives on their own life experiences so they see themselves as individuals with potential who can positively contribute to the larger human adventure in  time and place.

3. A critical understanding of the history, geography, economics, traditions and values of the United States as expressed in both their unity and diversity.

4. An understanding and appreciation of other peoples and their cultures through world history and geography.

5. Critical and analytical thinking skills based on data and experience.

These goals may be achieved through:

1. participatory and cooperative learning

2. enrichment through the use of a variety of primary sources including documents, myths, legends, songs, diaries, letters and speeches;

3. the infusion of physical geography at all levels and in all subjects throughout the social studies;

4. the infusion of economics at all levels and in all subjects throughout the social studies and;

5. the use of variety of a student assignments including creative writing, research and oral histories.

​Goals Adapted From:
​Curriculum Task force of The National Commission on Social Studies in the Schools. Charting A Course For the 21st Century
. November 1989, p. 6.