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Media Services

Coordinator of Media Services

Craig L. Coleman

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CCPS Media Services Resources

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Media specialists in Clayton County Public Schools have accepted the responsibility of providing students access to all forms of information, whether in print format or via technology, and the materials necessary to complete the curricular goals of the school district. In addition to resources, students are provided with expert guidance and instruction in finding requisite materials, utilization of the information they gather, and improving the quality of their lives through instilling the zeal to become life-long learners.


The goals for the media program of Clayton County Public Schools are:

  • To provide services and materials in adequate quantity and quality to meet the objectives of the total education program.
  • To select media professionals who are knowledgeable of the many formats of media and who understand the function of the materials in teaching concepts of the curriculum.
  • To encourage the media staff to become active members of the instructional team by planning with the teachers media skills which are related to the instructional program.
  • To continually evaluate the materials and services of the media program for the purpose of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the program.
  • To continually evaluate and revise the media program reflecting current trends and technology.
  • To provide materials which will help students develop critical reading and thinking skills.
  • To provide materials which will develop in students a greater appreciation for literature and the fine arts.
  • To aid students in acquiring skills for accessing information and using this information in all components of the curriculum.


A media specialist is a professional educator who is committed to providing a quality educational program for all students in Clayton County Public Schools.

The media specialist ensures that the media center program is directly related to the instructional program and to the needs of students and teachers. Accomplishing this task requires the performance of many activities within the media center and the school at large, with the media specialist being many things to many people. Developing and maintaining a constructive climate in the media center is essential and is derived from the positive attitude of the media specialist. Working and dealing enthusiastically with students and staff is necessary to build the relationship between the media center and the classroom that provides an environment conducive to learning. Encouraging students to become independent users of media resources helps to create learning skills that will last a lifetime.

The media specialist is the key for providing services, materials, and equipment needed for the fulfilment of individual and group needs. Print and non-print materials must be organized and made available in a way that assures that they are easily accessible.

The media specialist is a vital partner in the instructional program, and as such assists teachers in planning and carrying out instruction dealing with media skills and helps to incorporate these skills into classroom teaching. Selecting and obtaining the best possible resources for instruction requires participation in curriculum and media committee planning. The entire staff benefits from continuing staff development opportunities which the media specialist offers in the use of materials and equipment. The media center and the media specialist are central to the school and the full accomplishment of its instructional purposes.