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What will it look like?

Depending upon the need, a Behavior Intervention Specialist (BIS)  work may vary across the District.  However, when working with scholars initially, a BIS may begin with observing the scholar's behavior  in a classroom setting. The specialist will obtain information on how often the inappropriate occurs, and what “antecedent behavior” triggered the misbehavior. The BIS then creates a plan and shares it with the teacher. The BIS may model the new technique and/or train the teacher in the new strategy/intervention.

The BIS facilitates social-emotional behavioral classes that target specific behaviors and/or social skills. The BIS works closely with the school’s PBIS Team and supports the multi-tierd student support process by attending meetings, analyzing discipline data reports, and providing recommendations that culminates in the development of intervention plans reflecting instruction of expected behaviors for identified scholars. Part of the role of the BIS is to address concerns affecting a scholar's school performance and assist in implementing an intervention plan following the multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) model.  The MTSS model addresses each Tier of intervention. The goal is to have the scholar respond to the targeted interventions in place, thus allowing the scholar to achieve his or her goal.  When the scholar does not respond to the intervention, other interventions are explored.