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Communications Tools

The Work-Based Learning program is an integral component of the Career, Technical & Agricultural Education (CTAE) Department and woven throughout the CTAE network. A series of communications tools was developed to educate school counselors, instructors, parents and industries about Work-Based Learning and promote the program.

WBL Brochure


The framework which supports Work-Based Learning is a combination of advisory boards and partnerships. Advisory Boards facilitate input from and connections to businesses, industries, organizations and opportunities for students to gain real world, real work, experiences. This prepares students to gain industry recognized credentials, as well as prepares them for both college and careers upon graduation.

"Fishing for Strong Partnerships in the Sea of Unlimited Opportunities: Today, Tomorrow & Beyond," contains nine communications charts which walk through the various components of partnership building, program structure, program offerings, stakeholders and features. Within the link below are the following communications charts:

  • Partnership Development and Sustainability Outline
  • Traditional / Non-Traditional Education Model
  • CTAE Department Organizational Chart
  • CTAE Career Clusters and Pathways
  • Advisory Board – Industry and Community Leadership Representation
  • Work-Based Learning / Youth Apprenticeship Program Stakeholder Diagram
  • Work-Based Learning / Youth Apprenticeship Program Student Model
  • Partnership Foundation and Commitment
  • Partnership Development and Sustainability (Detailed Outline)

Fishing for Strong Partnerships in the Sea of Unlimited Opportunities: Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

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