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Interim Superintendent Dr. Anthony Smith Statement
Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anthony W. Smith Official Statement
Posted on 12/16/2022
Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) announces on behalf of the newly appointed Interim
Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Anthony W. Smith, his priorities and plans for the second semester
of the 2022-2023 school year and beyond.
Dr. Smith recently announced during his oath of office swearing-in ceremony strategic plans
currently underway to present to the Board of Education as he embarks upon his new leadership
role. Those plans will be publicly announced and presented to all stakeholders as approved and
finalized by district leadership while working with all Board members. The Board of Education
appointed Dr. Anthony W. Smith, on December 5, 2022, to serve as Interim Superintendent
beginning December 17, 2022.
“I am excited about my appointment to this leadership position by the Clayton County Board of
Education to provide oversight and lead the charge for Clayton County Public Schools, 52,000
students and their families, over 7,300 employees, and actively engage with the more than 297,000
Clayton County constituents as we work in collaboration to write the next chapter,” said Dr.
“There’s much more work to be done and I’m excited to have been very instrumental in
implementing many of those plans currently underway to rebuild schools; to support instruction
and new infrastructure that ultimately shapes our communities; a robust plan for academic
achievement; the undertaking of a massive construction project to build a new arena South of
Atlanta that will locally host major recreational activities, sporting, and special events; upgrade all
athletic facilities; create greater school dining experiences as well as establish robust engagement
opportunities for all community stakeholders,” Dr. Smith stated.
Dr. Smith recently announced his five priorities and plans during the swearing-in ceremony held
in his honor on December 14. Those plans include but will not be limited to the following:
• Creating safe schools and a wonderful work environment for all students and staff
• Improve instruction to enhance student's academic achievement
• Ensure CCPS has strong business partnerships and financial stability
• Prioritize organizing of the administration and its resources for greater success
• Implement more facility improvements and special projects

In addition to sharing his platform priorities, Dr. Smith also established the school district’s theme:
“Building A Better Tomorrow, Today.” “I am excited for the journey ahead and motivated by the
electric energy publicly displayed by the overwhelming attendance and staunch support from all
key stakeholders such as district and school-level leadership, Clayton County officials as well as
civic, community, and faith-based leaders the other evening. I am confident by the massive number
of attendees that the community is excited and eager to support the new developments forecasted
that will contribute to the continued modernization and transformation of this progressive school
district,” Dr. Smith added.
The school district is proud to share a link to view significant highlights from Dr. Anthony W.
Smith’s Swearing-In Ceremony, which also promotes his platform, please click here.